Activities Madurai will gives you a different experience about to know the the historical places in Madurai through walking , TUK-TUK &  bicyle ride also..

Heritage Walking Tour in Madurai 

It will most interesting activities  madurai, if you walk around the streets in Madurai, suggested timings will be morning 6.30 am to 7.30am it will be idle time to walk through the historical places…

You can start the tour from Madurai East Tower, Nagara Mandapam, Pudu Mandapam,Elukadal street, Raya gopuram, Temple Cars, Vilakathoon, Ten Pillar Lane, Tirumalai Nayak Palace ending.. Definitely it will be a worth activities madurai through streets, come and enjoy the same activities Madurai..

Visiting Flowers & Vegetable Market -Activities in Madurai

If you are in Madurai- Please  do visit the famous flowers & Vegetable market in Madurai, morning time will be more suggestable.  Huge volume of flowers are exporting with in India and abroad from Madurai.  Jasmine flower is very famous in Madurai and highly demadable.

Activities madurai-BI Cycle & Tuk-Tuk Ride in Madurai

One of most interesting activities in madurai for Inbound tourist and domestic clients also.. You will pick up from your Hotel in madurai – ride through madurai streets and ends up near  Meenakshi Temple , Apprx cost will be Rs.200-Rs.250.00o one way charges. If they want to wait for your until your visit in temple- they will do that but will be additional charges on Hours basis..

Foodies Madurai

You can read a million recipes and have the best cooks cook for you, but still you can never taste the ‘native’ taste of a cuisine unless you eat it where it originated.

While you were in Madurai-its a great chance to experience the local cuisine as the natives do. We can suggest you to places where no guide book can lead you to.

Vegeterian Hotel :  Good and Budgeted  :  Hotel Gowri Krishna, Hotel Sabarees

Chettinad spicy Food ( Non Veg)  : Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant

Street Foods  :  Near Periyar Bus stand, Madurai